Humor and the Abject is a collection of writing and other content by Sean J Patrick Carney focused on the relationship between contemporary art and comedy. Its charge is to facilitate a platform to identify--and try to make sense of--expanded strategies that twenty-first century artists employ in their pursuit to garner guffaws and gasps from audiences. The mingling of a diverse alternative comedy scene in New York and beyond with a bitingly hilarious generation of politically-engaged artists has fostered a fantastic crisis in disciplinary determinism. Humor and the Abject intends to analyze, broadcast and archive this sea change in real time. This website is a living document and will regularly undergo structural changes. 

Humor and the Abject is made possible, in part, by funds from Rhizome. The website and podcast were the recipients of a 2017 Rhizome Net Art Micro Grant award. Humor and the Abject was also awarded a fall 2017 Artist Residency at Kickstarter in Brooklyn. 

Drop a line: sean@humorandtheabject.com  |  Twitter: @Humor_theAbject


Sean J Patrick Carney is a visual artist, writer, and comedian living and working in Brooklyn, NY.  You can view his art and comedy here. You can learn about his publishing label, Social Malpractice, here. And you can read his other writing here