Humor and the Abject

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PODCAST: Alix Pearlstein

Installation view of Alix Pearlstein's "Harem ROOM-1" at On Stellar Rays, 2016

Alix Pearlstein is known for her unique video projects and perplexing installation work. She dropped by the studio this week to talk about working with professional actors for her pieces, her recent solo exhibition at On Stellar Rays, complicating traditional notions of the viewer’s gaze, watching bad TV, not buying video equipment, and her constantly-shifting relationship with the genre of performance art. Episode twenty-two is made possible by generous sponsorship from manifestos, bong rips, knife-wielding toddlers, mysterious dipping sauces, and undercover detectives rising from the dead to infiltrate motorcycle gangs engaged in the narcotics trade. We hope to see you on Sunday, October 22nd for the live show with Street Fight Radio in Brooklyn!

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