Humor and the Abject

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PODCAST: Eileen Isagon Skyers

Eileen Isagon Skyers performing at the opening of "NEW WORLD UNTLD" at Shoot the Lobster in New York, NY, October 2016. Photo: Stephen Faught

Artist, writer, curator, and gallerist Eileen Isagon Skyers is our guest this week. We spoke about her signature approach to experimental video art, what Florida is all about, her research on internet art and web interface histories, travel, contemporary modes of viewing, her new project with Eva and Franco Mattes, the co-founding of BedStuy gallery HOUSING, community engagement, the future of screens, why Stranger Things is good and Black Mirror is bad, hologram friends who advocate for brands, and so much more. This week’s episode is sponsored by the City of Tampa, trains, and Hungry Howie’s pizza. There was an event going on in the background at Kickstarter while we were recording, which is why you can hear all of those ghouls way low in the mix. LOL.

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