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PODCAST: Molly Soda

Artist Molly Soda, one of the most recognizable names in internet-based practices, joins Humor and the Abject this week. We gabbed about growing up online, selfie feminism in hindsight, her recent solo exhibitions "I'm Just Happy to Be Here" at 315 Gallery in Brooklyn and "Comfort Zone" at Annka Kultys Gallery in London, perceptions of sincerity and honesty in her work, isolation, aesthetic and interface evolutions in social media, how we actively present ourselves for internet audiences, and shitposting. We’re sponsored this week by wooden logs and liberal-presenting media people who participate in email chains with Milo Yiannopoulos. Make sure to come out to the live Humor and the Abject event with Street Fight Radio on Sunday, October 22nd at Throne Watches in Bushwick. Check the blog for details.

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