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Interview with Wood Land School for Art in America

This week, Art in America posted an interview that I did with artists Duane Linklater and Tanya Lukin Linklater and curator cheyanne turions of the Wood Land School project. For the entire calendar year of 2017, Montreal's SBC Gallery turned over their exhibition space and budge to the group. Their project there, "Kahatenhstánion tsi na’tetiatere ne Iotohrkó:wa tánon Iotohrha / Drawing Lines from January to December," unfolded as four distinct "Gestures." Each of these was designed to center Indigenous-to-Indigenous relationships, and to challenge SBC Gallery to "unknow" its institutional power. 

Read the interview here. 

To say the least, it was a real honor getting to speak with them about this ambitious, charged project. I'm eager to follow the Wood Land School's continued evolution, as it's taken many forms over the years. Its very nimbleness is what make it such a unique and consistently applicable project. The wealth of artists Duane Linklater has collaborated with since 2011 to make Wood Land School happen is a testament to his standing amongst multiple art communities. I hope you enjoy the conversation I was fortunate to have with them.