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Now You Can Support Humor and the Abject on Drip!

Artists, comedians, screedlers... lend me your ears. I'm happy to finally be able to announce that Humor and the Abject has been selected as one of the invited, featured creators on Drip, a new subscription-based platform from Kickstarter. Perhaps you're familiar with micropayment sites like Patreon? It's quite similar; every month, people who love what Humor and the Abject does pledge a small amount ($5) to show their support. In return, they get exclusive access to subscriber-only podcast episodes, video content, sound collages, new writing, and more. While I've been happily doing Humor and the Abject for free the last six months, I am quite excited to implement a way to help make it a more sustainable endeavor for myself. Want to learn more?


At the end of next week, my residency at Kickstarter comes to a close. It's been incredibly beneficial for me to have a dedicated place to work on my writing and consistent access to their great little podcasting studio. Moving forward, it's practical for me to create a framework of support so that I can keep bringing you new conversations on the pod every week and more and more writing about contemporary art and comedy. Personally, I've found it rewarding to support things that I love through the micropayment model. I back multiple podcasts and artists on Patreon, and I'm a "supporting member" of artist-run galleries by pledging a tiny bit every month via PayPal to help them cover their overhead.

There's clearly plenty to critique about economic precarity and how these platforms might be exacerbating it, but at the end of the day, outside of the grants I'm regularly applying for,  this is the most reasonable way for me to find some compensation for this labor. As you know, every podcast I've put out is drenched in episode-specific sound collages that take hours and hours to create. You get these little original pieces of sound art instead of canned advertisements for underwear, mattresses, or postal scales. I spend days researching my guests--even the ones that I know well--so I'm prepared to ask them pointed and germane questions that facilitate intimate discussions you'll enjoy. And I spend a great deal of time writing, rewriting, and editing my reviews and features for the website. If you've found that Humor and the Abject is providing you with interesting content, please consider showing your support. It's not a donation; you'll be getting perks as a subscriber that far exceed the $5 per month. 

Thanks for reading, and I hope you'll join my already-awesome community of subscribers. I've included this gem of a tweet from painter Sam McKinniss before, and I'm happily doing it again: 

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