Introducing INFINITE HESH By Thomas J Gamble

It's a big day, screedlers. I'm very happy to announce an addition to the ongoing content at Humor and the Abject. Artist and MIdwest micro-celebrity Thomas J Gamble AKA Twee J will be contributing serialized drawings to be henceforth collectively referred to as INFINITE HESH

If you don't follow Thomas's work, welcome to the Cool Kids Club for Drinking Beer and Smoking Cigarettes if You're on Vacation. He's an unreasonably adept draftsperson with an acerbic wit. If I can speak plainly, I love Thomas. He was at my fucking house for dinner last night because he just happens to be visiting New York. He is the first stranger to taste the homemade pickles that Claire and I made. 

Years ago, I put out Thomas's zine SUICIDE COMICS, a split publication with Portland-based artist Tabitha Nikolai. It was a ridiculous collection of some of Thomas's most atrocious drawings and when I had to pick it up from the printshop in Richmond, VA, where I was living at the time, the clerk shamed me with his eyes. "I'm not actually the person who drew these," I recall mumbling as I finished paying him.

Take a look around Thomas's website and treat yourself to a body of work that manages to somehow be both wild and elegant at the same time. Buy something from him. Put him in your next exhibition. Send him nudes. When you support Thomas, you support the arts. And as painter Sam McKinniss once boldly asserted on Twitter, "Get the fuck out of my way if you're not supporting the arts."

Without further ado, feast your eyes on INFINITE HESH #1