Humor and the Abject

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PODCAST: Michael Smith

Michael Smith as Baby Ikki at Burning Man, from "A Voyage of Growth and Discovery" (2009) with Mike Kelley, production still

Legendary performance, installation, and video artist Michael Smith, the mind behind the everyman character “Mike” and the terrible toddler Baby Ikki, joins for the latest episode of the Humor and the Abject podcast. We discussed whether or not a Midwest sense of humor exists, his pilgrimage to Burning Man in 2008 for a collaboration with Mike Kelley, having the same name as multiple other people, and whether or not a review I wrote of his 2015 solo show at Greene Naftali completely missed the mark. Today’s episode is sponsored by Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing and a brand new theme park for the wealthy elite, Midwestworld.

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