Humor and the Abject

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PODCAST: Lorelei Ramirez & Tynan DeLong

One of my old bosses once told me that painters gravitate towards New York because of the light. Why the fuck did I move here?

Lorelei Ramirez and Tynan DeLong aren't just comedians, actors, writers, and directors, they're also a danged band. On this week's episode, they shared some of their new tracks in a Humor and the Abject super exclusive. We talked about the importance of panel discussions, paying your dues in comedy, their moms, and That Thing You Do. Episode 9 is sponsored by Hardee's, season two of Fargo, and "Robbing Peter to pay Paul."

Catch Lorelei's monthly, NOT DEAD YET, at C'mon Everybody in Brooklyn this Sunday, August 13th. Purchase your tickets in advance! 

And don't miss Tynan's new collaboration with Eliza Hurwitz, The Best Day of My Life, showing Sunday, August 27th at the Brooklyn Comedy Festival's film series at Nitehawk Cinema. Tickets available here. 

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