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Paper Jazz Small Press Festival, Saturday, 09/30 in Bushwick

Flier by by Alabaster Pizzo

Tomorrow at the Silent Barn in Bushwick, the Paper Jazz Small Press Festival (formerly Paper Jam) returns for its second iteration in 2017. Held twice yearly, it is an infectious, free-to-attend public program that supports small presses and artists with diehard DIY spirits. Between 12pm and 6pm, stop by the Silent Barn to get your fix of comics, chapbooks, zines, and myriad other editions and multiples straight from their sources. If the spectacular spectacle of New York Art Book Fair gave you an understandable anxiety attack last weekend, Paper Jazz is probably way more your style. It's a laid back and chill day of browsing art, meeting wonderful artists, and just good vibes in general. I've attended several and have always been impressed by the diversity of work and publishers, as well as the genuine communal air about the whole program. 

This year's lineup looks great, and includes nearly twenty independent exhibitors: 

There's also a short film showcase, curated by Doggo Studios, that will run all day featuring pieces from: Peter Schmidt, Deanna Demaglie, Jen Scales, Emily Bernstein, Maya Edelman, Nog, Stephanie Swart, Ryan Mauskopf, Angelica Alzona, Cole Ott, Lyla Ribot, Alex Krokus, Krystal Downs, Faye Kahn, Joy + Noelle, Barry Bruner, Dennis Moran, Marika Cowan, Alexandra Barsky, Alessandro Echevarria, Alexander Laird, Benjy Brooke, Drew Shields, and Stephen Sues.

And if that isn't enough already to convince to you cruise through, Mellow Pages Library
Detective Squad, and Gravesend Recordings will also be on-site! 

Events like the Paper Jazz Small Press Festival are integral to the ecosystem of art in New York City. These grassroots, community-organized programs serve to remind us that there is no single "Art World" to which we're meant to crack cryptic entry codes. Rather, Paper Jazz proposes, concretely, that there are multiple art worlds and argues that it's everyone's right to make manifest the ones that they wish to see. While the luxury market for contemporary art acts as a tool of erasure, the artists who participate in Paper Jazz and other kindred programs have demonstrated that it's absolutely possible to still leave your mark. 

The Paper Jazz Small Press Festival runs 12pm to 6pm on Saturday, September 30th at Silent Barn in Brooklyn (603 Bushwick Ave, JMZ to Myrtle-Broadway or L to Montrose or Morgan). Entry is free, and it is all-ages.