Even a massive sports victory can't silence the nagging voice of anticapitalist morality in each of us. Learn more in this week's INFINITE HESH from Thomas J Gamble

I felt good, of course. Great, even. We had won in OT, and I had thrown the winning pass. Mom and Dad had driven down to see the game and Dad, ever the stoic type, could only barely conceal his swelling pride and excitement. Still, as the picture was being taken and even later, as we celebrated with pitcher after pitcher of beer and a mountain of hot wings, an odd, intrusive thought kept repeating itself in my head, a saying or a line from a book and in a voice not my own. All that day and for a long time after (I did not not know then what was only just beginning), the unwanted voice repeated: “Art must claw at the neck of the bourgeois as the lion does the horse. Art must claw at the neck of…”