INFINITE HESH is an ongoing series of "political cartoons" contributed to Humor and the Abject by artist and Midwest micro-celebrity Thomas J Gamble. Go to his website and buy some of his art. Follow him on Twitter: @thomasjgamble 

INFINITE HESH #37: 12.03.18


INFINITE HESH #36: 11.22.18


INFINITE HESH #35: 11.01.18


INFINITE HESH #34: 10.26.18


INFINITE HESH #33: 08.29.18

"I never told anyone, definitely not my buddies but not even my wife, but I'd usually get home from work late and I'd just feel awful about everything, and I'd just stand there in the apartment, all alone, and I'd slide out my album of Sheryl Crow, and I'd look at it. Almost every night I would stand there in the semi-dark, dog-tired, and look at that picture of Sheryl Crow looking so calm and so healthy on the front of her CD, almost as if she were an alien, untouched by our world, and after a little while I would slowly start to feel a kind of calm come over me, and then I could relax."


INFINITE HESH #32: 08.16.18


INFINITE HESH #31: 07.31.18


INFINITE HESH #30 (with Ana Fabrega): 06.20.18


INFINITE HESH #29 (with Ana Fabrega): 06.14.18


INFINITE HESH #28 (with Ana Fabrega): 05.31.18


INFINITE HESH #27: 05.01.18


INFINITE HESH #26: 04.17.18


INFINITE HESH #25: 04.13.18


INFINITE HESH #24: 03.31.18


INFINITE HESH #23: 03.21.18

I felt good, of course. Great, even. We had won in OT, and I had thrown the winning pass. Mom and Dad had driven down to see the game and Dad, ever the stoic type, could only barely conceal his swelling pride and excitement. Still, as the picture was being taken and even later, as we celebrated with pitcher after pitcher of beer and a mountain of hot wings, an odd, intrusive thought kept repeating itself in my head, a saying or a line from a book and in a voice not my own. All that day and for a long time after (I did not not know then what was only just beginning), the unwanted voice repeated: “Art must claw at the neck of the bourgeois as the lion does the horse. Art must claw at the neck of…”


INFINITE HESH #22: 03.09.18


INFINITE HESH #21: 03.02.18


INFINITE HESH #20: 12.15.17


INFINITE HESH #19: 11.27.17

Text: "Do Androids Dream of Electric Assholes?" or "All Mod Cons" 


INFINITE HESH #18: 11.20.17


INFINITE HESH #17: 10.30.17


INFINITE HESH #16: 10.11.17


INFINITE HESH #15: 09.16.17

Text: Wayne drained one Busch Ice thirstily and opened a second in a practiced, nearly careless way. The boys were already rowdy, having been drinking all afternoon at the speedway--jokin’ and hollerin’. He took a small, almost polite sip of the watery domestic, then a lusty swig... He fixed the gang with a level stare that meant he was about to start talking business, and they quieted. “Fellas”, Wayne began, “I’m opening an artist-run space with a focus on network culture and non-traditional media, and I got one hell of a curatorial vision.


INFINITE HESH #14: 08.23.17


INFINITE HESH #13: 08.16.17


INFINITE HESH #12: 08.11.17


INFINITE HESH #11: 07.14.17


INFINITE HESH #10: 07.07.17


INFINITE HESH #9: 06.23.17


INFINITE HESH #8: 06.12.17


INFINITE HESH #7: 06.06.17


INFINITE HESH #6: 06.03.17


INFINITE HESH #5: 05.30.17


INFINITE HESH #4: 05.25.17


INFINITE HESH #3: 05.23.17

Text: When my friend overdosed on the oxycontin he got prescribed after he got hurt at work, I had to carry him down the stairs while we waited for the ambulance but his pants were falling off which made it awkward and he kept alternating between vomiting on me and calling me gay. The silver lining I guess was it was legal so he didn't get charges but he later switched to heroin cause it was cheaper. (He's clean now and just does kratom)


INFINITE HESH #2: 05.15.17


INFINITE HESH #1: 05.11.17